“We are very proud to have achieved BRC AA standard. This reflects the quality of the Millbrook Dairy team and our commitment to food safety, quality systems and standards.”
““We are enormously proud to be a finalist in the Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year Award for 2020. A great achievement and represents the culmination of our hard work & dedication over the last eighteen months.”
“We are delighted to be named as an Outstanding New Business finalist in this year’s Business Action Awards.”

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”



It all started a long time ago in two different creameries, in
two different countries; Four Crosses Creamery in glorious
Wales is where David first had his hands in the cheese vat,
whilst down in stunning Cornwall Kevin was getting his
hands stuck into the cheese vats of Cornish Yarg.

Millbrook lorry with branding on the side

Little did the two dairymen know they would one day be
working together for the great Pilgrims Choice. In fact, for
over 20 years David and Kevin would be grading and
selecting the best cheese from right across the globe
for various brands and retailers. It was tough...
but hey...someone had to do it!

Life on the road could be long, and they missed their families,
but the two of them filled their spare time jumping out of
planes, bungy jumping, fishing for Barramundi, avoiding
crocodiles and sharks...oh and yes they learnt a lot about
the cheese of the world, the regions and dairies it is made
in, and perhaps most importantly the people involved.

Millbrook staff skydive

David and Kevin’s relationship goes back to the late
1990s, and over the years they’ve worked together,
they’ve built up a great network of partners and
friends. David and Kevin have learnt over time that
relationships matter, and good collaborations can
ferment success for everyone involved.

Millbrook Dairy Company arose from the desire to get on in
life, the desire to make things happen and to be outstanding
for and with our partners. We don’t believe that people are just
suppliers, or just customers or just employees. What we
believe is that everyone is important, a collaborator and
potentially part of our shared success story.

Grated cheese in a bowl next to a grater