“Cheese - milk’s leap toward immortality”


Global buyers and sellers of cheese and butter, all varieties, bespoke and generic.

Dragon, Millbrook and Holly’s Meadow brands as well as private label deli, pre-pack & waxed.

Shirgar Welsh and Holly’s Meadow, as well as private label pre-packs and portions.

Cheese Iron

Our world-class selection and grading service will add value and quality to your dairy supply.


Back view of the Millbrook lorry with branding
Cheese on a chopping board

We source bulk cheese from the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. We don’t buy anything without grading it first, so you can be sure the profile will be as you want it. We supply white cheddar and coloured cheddar, from curd to Vintage, from creamery to artisan, all from BRC certified producers. We will source you the best Red Leicester and Double Gloucester, the sweetest Wensleydale and the tastiest Farmhouse cheese.

Whether you need sweet cream, lactic or whey, salted, unsalted, frozen or fresh, or even specialty we can source a range of bulk butters too. Cheese or butter, whether you need one pallet, a mixed load or ten full trucks or containers it’s no problem.


The Dragon cheese family

Millbrook Cheese and Butter
We hand select every vat for its extra special character, from the tastiest noggin of Farmhouse cheddar to the crunchiest morsel of Vintage. We love a cheese with real flavour and character and butter with just the right balance. We’re not talking wild and wooly here, but rather refined and classic. We know that people search high low for that extra special something and we have it!

Cheese toastie

Wilderness Cheese and Butter
Perfect for everyday life; cheddars, hard cheeses, continentals and butters selected from the best producers around. Slices, prepacks, deli, shreds, blends and smoked we’ve got it covered. We can supply retail, wholesale and food service, both on short term or long term contracts and one off WIGIG deals.

Wine and cheese

Dragon Wales
Dragon is a co-operative made up of 130 farms, some of which have been supplying the creamery in North West Wales with milk for generations. Dragon has close relationships with all their farmers. All the farmers are Red Tractor assured and work to conserve the Welsh countryside. The cows graze on lush grass and enjoy some of the most spectacular views that Wales has to offer – including the Llŷn Peninsula and Snowdonia National Park! The cheese is of course fantastic, and most importantly proper Welsh. Check out the website: www.dragonwales.co.uk


Shirgar butter

Shirgar butter is churned and packed in Carmarthenshire. Proper Welsh butter that melts like a dream and tastes fantastic on anything. This is the real deal, acclaimed and prize winning. Butter doesn’t get any better than this south Walian classic.


Close up cubed cheese

The outsourcing of cheese selection and grading is a not a new idea, however, David and Kevin are giving the practice a new lease of life. Millbrook Dairy have long term cheese grading contracts in place with several European and UK based cheese buyers. We understand the challenges of managing cheese stocks, but we also see the opportunities and benefits of knowing what you are buying and what you have in store. By grading every batch of your stock, we will advise you what needs using first and what can be upgraded, and indeed what may need to be rejected. We will help you realise the maximum value of your cheese, as well as ensure you and your customers don’t get any unexpected surprises.